Don’t Forget Yourselves in the Crazy Times

Charmer has written about some of the nutty stuff going on – from cars to family to all of the impact things have on normal life. It’s just a bunch of junk that swirls around everyone in life.

It’s easy to forget or put aside time for you and your partner, to put your own rituals on hold, be they just taking time to talk, taking time to watch a favorite show (or shows) or even more play-time-oriented things.

But, coming out the other side of this period in our own lives, I have to say, try not to fall down that rabbit hole. Try to hold on to at least a few things that make you and your partner, you and your partner. Watch a show, even if you don’t have binge watching time. Talk. Grab an informal bite to eat and just hit the pause button.

The reset can help process the rest of the messiness. I don’t mean this from a preachy standpoint. I mean this from a face-palm standpoint. I forget. I get focused and trying to deal with stuff and trying to work through things and the FIRST things I put on pause are seemingly normal stuff. “I just don’t have time!” plays over and over in my head.

But give that back rub. Take the time. Get or give a bath that’s relaxing for 30 minutes or whatever. Sit on the couch together. Watch a show. Sit and stare at each other and try to giggle about ridiculousness of circumstances swirling around you. Make sure it happens.

I’ve had more than one time, just sitting, staring off into the distance where I have to chuckle at the absolute whirlwind of things that have come at us from nearly every direction in the last few months. Personal, family, goals, work, all of it. It’s not “funny” but at some point, it’s ridiculous how it can pile on.

And through it all, I can see so clearly that stopping to do some D/s ritual things, or “just us” things or just re-centering on us, talking… has saved my sanity.

If it’s not a partner, enlist a friend or friends. Do something normal that will shake up the whirlwind.

And in this group, this blog, “normal” is just about anything you want to make it. 🙂

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