Just a Roll of the Die

Well, we’ve finished up the latest 2 week game stint.  This was a game based in a roll of the die.  A single die, a single roll.  The value it returns determines what’s going to happen, from a task to “pampering” to O’s to edging to setting a window for an O for me.

It’s a weird thing – it’s odd to have zero control and just… toss that old die out there and hope for something good.  In this case, 4.


You just never know what’s sneaking around inside jeans… or any other zipper for that matter. 

I had to get 4 4’s over a 2 week period.  That means every 2 or 3 days, needed to be another 4.  Or, if you roll a 4, you get to roll again, so it would be keen to get more than one in a day.


“Really keen” and “reality” don’t jibe of course.  I ended up at 3.  Short of the magical 4.  So here I am, writing this post, adding a picture to it… all as part of my closing task.  There was a surprisingly NOT statistically varied result to the numbers.  The most common number was 6 (pampering) and the least common were 1 and 3.  1 was 10 minutes of edging.  3 was a story post.

So, it continues.  I’ve been given the new rules, the new approach for the next round.  I’m not sure the odds are any more in my favor – we’re doubling the dice to 2, keeping only 1 number as “helpful” (I use the term selfishly) and keeping the term stagnant.

I can see you shaking your head now.  “Nope.”  Is all that comes to mind.

Yep.  Right there with you.

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