The Slow Fuse

Yes, until you tell me to stop,” you tell me slyly as you look at me with that look out of the corner of your eye.  “And, of course, if I don’t feel like stopping, I won’t.

Those words keep dancing around in my head during dinner as I’m trying to get what you’re saying.  You’re talking about anything and everything BUT the upcoming session tonight.  The weather.  The other people around us.  All of it.  Every now and I hear you say under your breath with a little giggle, “oh, this is going to be so much fun.

Every now and then I work up the courage to ask a question – you usually just repeat the “until you tell me to stop.”  I can’t help snickering a bit to myself though – like I’m going to tell you to stop?!?  I mean, we’re not talking about impact play here, we’re talking the fun, teasing kind – I just won’t say “stop” and I’ll win our standoff.

You step away for a minute and I get a text “When we get home, be waiting for me.  Naked of course, blindfold on, music on, lights out.”  I’m starting to like this.  This will be fun!

When we arrive home, I make a beeline for the back of the house after taking care of your things.  I do as I’m told and in no time, I’m there, laying there, waiting, naked.  I hear you come in sense you putting things down around me – I have to admit, I’m standing at full attention already – just at the thought of you doing those things you do with your hands, your mouth, your body.

You whisper in my ear… “remember, you have to ask me to stop, which I’ll take under advisement.  Two other things.  You many not move your hands or legs, and no I’m not putting on the restraints.  Deal with it.  The second is that, unfortunately, you won’t be cumming tonight, so don’t think about it.”  I feel myself sink into my surroundings.  I really thought and hoped that… It’s not to be.

I feel your feather touch on me, playing with me, very lightly stroking me.  It’s been so long, it takes no time to things flowing, but the buildup is very, very different.  Every time that little step forward happens on the inside – where I feel that rush of adrenaline where my body takes that next step – every time – you slow down, you change your grip.  But you never stop.

It’s all I can do to keep from bucking, grabbing you and just begging you to get going for real.

And yet every time I start to back off, you increase your grip… these waves are going through my brain, pure, unadulterated pleasure.  It’s so intense and sustained that I can feel my body giving inside, which leads to accidental slip-ups, which violates your core rule.  But at the same time, you’re so in-tune with my body that every time things back off, you take them right back and up a notch.

I start to ease off on one of the cycles and I feel you – your mouth – slowly, oh so maddeningly slowly – descend on me.  You keep your hand moving on me at the same time, taking me in, licking, sucking, moving up and down slowly with your mouth, more quickly with your hand.

I feel that familiar rush starting in my cock, moving up through me, racing for my head.  It actually takes a bit to register, and by the time I realize what’s going on, I start to say something, but of course you already know.  You entirely let go and stop… for a whole count of 5.  Then you start super-slow, light stroking again, just to make me hang there, on the edge.  I think I’m regaining control again and you lean into me and take me again into your mouth, moving up and down quickly at first, then slowly with more pressure your hand.

This alternating between your mouth, your grip, slow, fast, firm, soft – it all has me riding this edge that you have me on.  Every time the feelings increase, you slow down or lighten up, every time I back off from the edge you add pressure, add speed, do that thing with your tongue – whatever it takes to get me back and skating on that edge.

My body is clenching and pushing and willing my orgasm to sneak past you – every time it gets to the point where I’m sure this is it, you somehow sense and change just enough to leave me hanging there.  Internally, my cave man mode is in full swing – it’s playing games with my head, flopping my brain around, visualizing the orgasm, the violent, out of control, over the top, long-awaited orgasm.  Trying to push me there, to force.

I can hear and feel my heart pounding in my chest, feel my breathing doing this heaving maneuver to get enough air.  With the amount of physical exertion going on, you’d think I was running a marathon.

And still you continue.

I’ve been hanging on this literal and figurative edge for longer than I can fathom.  It’s turning from extreme pleasure to something else.  My insides are complaining, my cock is on fire and everything I have wants to cum, and cum now.  But it won’t happen.  I can’t.  It won’t.  You aren’t letting it.  I even hear you snicker from time to time – you know how close I am.  You know how well you’re keeping me there.  You also know it can’t continue forever.

I feel like I’ll explode and I start to see what you have done.  I don’t even realize it, but I’m begging you to stop.  To continue, to stop, to continue.  It’s too much, it’s so intense, I think I’m going to just end up a big, nasty, ball of sweat.

I keep begging.  You keep snickering at me.  I hear you ask if I really want to stop – and like some crazed maniac I hear myself answer no, then yes, then begging to stop, then begging not to stop.  It’s like someone is poking wires into my head and making me just randomly respond nonsense.  It’s crazy.

I finally give in and beg you to please, please stop.  And somehow, I confirm it.

Nope. Not quite yet.  

That’s all you say.  I can feel the panic wash over me in this big wave, followed immediately by your incredible mouth, tongue and hand on my cock, working their magic in a new way.   I feel like I’ll finally fall over that edge, like you’ve decided to take pity on me.  I start to relax into it and feel the rush of the impending orgasm.

And you finally decide to stop.  But only for a minute – you wait about 30 seconds, just to have me think it’s over, then grab me and take me immediately back to the edge to tease me.  I’m bucking, admittedly begging to cum or stop…

Fine.  I guess I have to stop now.

You scoot up next to me and push up the blindfold.  I finally let my arms move around a bit and realize that it’s been a really loooong time that you’ve been teasing me.  You smile at me, kiss me, then hand my cage to me.

You’ll need this, please.  ASAP.  I’ll wait.


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