That Damn Wheel Again

We had a rare opportunity of having the house to ourselves this last weekend, so noisier play was something that was possible.  Charmer seems to always have a way of taking advantage of that – and this was no different.

She’d already sort of given me a hint – ok, slap upside the head – about some of what we’d be doing because she told me to make sure the clamps were out (why does it bug me to say “nipple clamps?”) and that the TENS unit was fully charged.  We’ve played with the (!) clamps before of course – and the TENS unit we dabbled with but didn’t really push.

This night would be different.  As soon as she had me restrained with cuffs and my collar on (yes!), she was at me with the (!) clamps.  I really do forget how intense these suckers are – they’re the clover kind and boy do they pinch hard.  [SSC:  They really are a thing of beauty…on him.]  Of course when you pull on the chain all they do is get even tighter, so, yeah.  They had my attention instantly.

It’s like this weird rush – adrenaline I suppose, and pain and trying to cope – all of it flows through my head in those initial minutes with the (!) clamps.  It can be almost blinding a bit.  The clamps would stay on for the full 7 hours of the scene. [SSC:  Snort!  Your brain would have fried long before then.]

1-IMG_8570Just kidding.  It wasn’t 7 hours.  But it was a loooong time (2 hours?) and, well, more on that in a minute.

But this isn’t about the clamps.  From there, she hooked up the TENS unit.  I’d stupidly bought these loop attachments for it – two of them of course – and they are basically “cinch” style loops that you can attach to, well, pretty much anything shaped like, say, a carrot.  Or a banana.  [SSC:  He says that like it was his idea.]  On the loops go – along with the lube that it says is so important to establish a “good connection.”  One at the end, one at the base of me.

At first I feel a tingle – something I can no-doubt manage, no problem. But I’m here to tell you that Charmer is just never satisfied with “a tingle.”  [SSC:  Well, if a little is good, isn’t a lot better?]  So up goes the intensity.  In a very short time the unit sending this variable blast of electricity through me, all focused on the head of my cock.  At times it feels like a Hitachi just there.  But then the power gets increased from there.  I’ve actually been trying to figure out how to describe this.  It’s this incredibly strong rumble that emanates from inside you (or, in this case, my cock) and vibrates up and out the other lead attached to me.

It’s enough to make me rise right up off the bed in a very violent way.  But, of course, our restraint system is having none of that, so I end up just fighting like hell to get away.  But then it stops.  All of this in about a half of a second (on this setting/pattern).  Then it’s off.  For about a half a second.  And back.  And I’m jerking around like a mad man saying things that are probably not fit to print, even here.  [SSC:  Let’s just say that it was a good thing that we were alone in the house.  Awkward…]

As an aside, I told Charmer afterward that I really do need to spend some time with a thesaurus.  I need a much broader vocabulary to utter things in her direction at times like this.  I seemed to have settled on “Oh my god” and “fuck” and indistinguishable sounds.

Don’t forget, the (!) clamps are still attached.  From time to time the chain seems to get in the way – either that, or she’s just torturing me, because she keeps moving or pulling on the chain.  [SSC:  Would I move it just to torture you?  Well, yes, probably, definitely.]  At this point, my chest is screaming and that hot/cold pain is settling into my brain and pushing those buttons that I so love.  The sub-space-express.

Then BUZZZ that damn TENS unit goes off again and just about pulls me out of the bed.  Then sweet nothing except chest pain… then BUZZZ – you get the idea.  It was incredible and over the top intense.

But then she got out her wheel.  The pinwheel.  The Wartenberg wheel.  [SSC:  My precious…]  She started by running this from my neck down to my groin.  I suspect it was quite light at first, because I was having a small cow as each individual pin prick registered on my brain.  Around the BUZZZ and the (!) clamps, she added in the wheel.  She even took the wheel down, over my clamped nipples (there, I said it) several times at different points.  The pain on that in the beginning is hard to describe.

But as she’s running around my body with this wheel (and NOTHING is off limits) and the TENS unit doing its thing and the (!) clamps working their magic, I start to see shimmers of that thing I chase.  I try to pull back down my response, try to settle in to the sensations and pain.  Try to wallow in it even.  I get there a few times – a first for me – into sub-space, relaxing into the the pain, swimming in it.  Feeling the feelings but removed from them somewhat, just observing them and riding the waves of sensations rushing my head, then receding.

It lasts for several minutes each time, but then she’ll change the pattern on the TENS unit or hit a sensitive spot with the wheel or snag the chain or bite or mark me otherwise.  Each time with such a different sensation that it breaks the hold of subspace and pulls me back and turns up the volume even more on the rest of things going on.

But then there’s a break for just a bit with the TENS unit.  [SSC:  He did peek.  He just couldn’t see what I was doing and was trying to see if I was done.]  I want to look more, but honestly, I’m too busy in the sensations still ebbing and flowing through my head.  I admit that it’s incredible and at this point, I’m somewhere between (but not in) sub-space bliss and thankful for the break.

1-IMG_8558The wheel is back.  Only it’s not.  It’s a double wheel that hooks up to the TENS unit.  It feels about 10x sharper on the pins – it’s the electricity that adds the “ooomph” to the pins as they walk down my body.  It truly feels like incredibly sharp pin pricks rolling around my body.  The pressure is increasing over time as she continues – I can always tell when I’m sinking into it because the pressure gets to the point where its leaving at least red trails, and sometimes little droplets of blood running around where she’s been.

Then she goes down the inside of my thigh, all the way down my calf, then slowly back up.  If you’ve never had a chance to play around there, it is sensitive real estate at least for me.  [SSC:  Sensitive doesn’t begin to cover it.  I’ve never seen him react like that.]  But as she came over my calf on the way back up, my foot started tingling.  It was a super-freaky, weird, sharp, odd sensation.  I guess the juice from the TENS unit felt it need to take a detour down through my foot to the other wheel.   It’s flat-out freaky.

This whole wheel, bite, TENS, play with the chain on my (!) clamps thing continues for quite some time.  I think the whole scene lasted about 1.5 hrs or a bit more.  The entire time, she never said a word.

I managed to trip and fumble into what I could call sub-space 4-5 times – I’ve never seen that before – coming and going from that for extended periods.  I kept reaching for it, wanting to stay there, wanting to live in it for as long as she’d let me.  I would try to settle back and take it in and push for it only to feel the pressure increase or feel the wheel on me in locations that seem like they should be off limits, but OMIGOSH I’m so glad they aren’t, because it all adds to the mental space.

Afterward, she was getting ready to let me go – and the first words she said to me, standing beside the bed, are “I’m not getting ANYWHERE near you when I take those things off.”  Referring of course to the (!) clamps that were still attached.  [SSC:  My mother didn’t raise a fool.]

Now, I’ve always heard that taking them off is the most sensitive time.  I’ve not found that to be the case.  Until now.  When she pulled the first clamp, I just about exploded.  It was like fireworks going off in my head.  Totally unexpected, very, very painful.  And just as I was getting a semblance of control back, the other clamp came off.  Same experience, through the roof.  But oh my.  The settling afterward.  Wow.

Charmer is always really careful with stuff afterward.  Usually I’m fine.  Sometimes it’s just some quiet time.  On rare occasions it’s stuff like this that makes me lay there just shaking, coming down from the adrenaline.  This was the case here – I was shaking for quite some time and she just held me.

Not to get all sappy, but it’s pure magic.

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  1. Awesome post! And I love the parts where Charmer chimes in…”my precious “! Sounds like a fun night for both 🙂

    1. Standalone, there’s not too much difference. And we had goofed around with it with the TENS unit before and I wasn’t overly impressed…

      But under real power levels is a different story! It really feels very, very sharp and like I said above, and in some places it seems to connect to a nerve or three and do some very freaky sensation stuff.

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