Day 11 -In-House Masseur

A while back I was reading in I’m Her’s blog about massages.  He was talking about how much she loved them and what a great connection point it was for them.  So I hunted around for a massage table – the ones you always snicker at when you see them out because “who needs that??” – trust me, they’re amazing.

There are all sorts of different price points – I found one that was sturdy and folded away and all that – inexpensive, and delivered (Costco).  While it was in transit, I studied every massage video I could find on YouTube to get to to try understand more about how it all really works (I wanted to get beyond the backrub).

I say all of this because IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.  It’s a fun thing to learn more about and the table makes ALL the difference.  She laughingly says that I can just pour her into bed for the night afterward because she’s so relaxed.  It’s a wonderful, focused time for us.



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