Photo: The Wartenberg Wheel

Ah yes.  The wheel.  We’ve written about it before, and it remains one of Charmer’s favorite toys to amp up the physical side of things.  It’s a weird thing, that wheel is.  When it first starts, even the slightest rolling over my skin is crazy sharp.

Give me a few minutes though and pretty much anything, anywhere works and even starts to feel good.  It’s something I’ll never understand.  And it’s not every time either, though it is pretty reliable.

So, today’s picture – is one of Charmer’s toys from her bag of tricks.

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That Damn Wheel Again

We had a rare opportunity of having the house to ourselves this last weekend, so noisier play was something that was possible.  Charmer seems to always have a way of taking advantage of that – and this was no different.

She’d already sort of given me a hint – ok, slap upside the head – about some of what we’d be doing because she told me to make sure the clamps were out (why does it bug me to say “nipple clamps?”) and that the TENS unit was fully charged.  We’ve played with the (!) clamps before of course – and the TENS unit we dabbled with but didn’t really push.

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