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Sinful Sunday #26 — Thursday Nights

As you might have noticed from our tweets, Snake and I spend a lot of nights at the dance studio either with lessons or practicing.  And on a lot of our *off* nights, we have an adult daughter who likes to come here and drink our alcohol…

Thursday night is always our night alone.  A little wine and a nice body rub is heaven…

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Sinful Sunday #25 – See What I Get to Put Up With?

Charmer is always, always about the tease and control.  I snapped this when she wasn’t looking just to give you a flavor and got permission to share it with you.  See what I (get to) put up with?    She loves to mess with me and give me little glimpses just as we “have to” head out the door.  It’s a tough life. 🙂

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Sinful Sunday #23 – Caught Cat-Napping

I have to say, I love this picture because it reminds me of a cat – snoozing in the sun from the window, completely relaxed, oblivious to the world.  It’s one of Charmer’s favorite things – lounging in the sun (usually reading) and kicked back relaxing.  The only thing better are her soaking baths, perhaps a topic for future images. 🙂

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Sinful Sunday 15 – The Ties That Bind

Charmer and I have a fantastic history and have experienced some of the biggest extremes in life – the highs and lows – and when we were taking shots for today’s Sinful Sunday, all I could think of (OK, I’ll be honest, it’s not “all I could think of,” let’s be real), was how all of these threads and ties and life-hooks have brought us to today.  And how this was very symbolic of that!

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Sinful Sunday #10 — Being Pampered

When we saw the theme for October was Simple Pleasures, Snake immediately knew that he wanted this picture.  He started doing my pedicures back when I was pregnant with our son.  In other words, an eon ago.  🙂   One day he was watching me getting frustrated because I couldn’t reach my toes.  He offered to take care of it to be nice–and probably avoid another meltdown.

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Sinful Sunday #8 — Contradictions

This idea came from a conversation that I had with a friend yesterday.  I mentioned that I wasn’t very exciting, not in a poor-me way, but in a this-is-just-my-life way.  She came back that I was so many different things and boring wasn’t one of them.  She listed mom, business owner, and dancer.  I didn’t really think about it again until our initial idea for the picture for today didn’t work out.

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