Sinful Sunday #14 — Viewing the Viewer

A couple of weeks ago we took a long weekend to Las Vegas.  Our room was on the 28th floor and you could see the lights of The Strip.  Of course, looking at the view was one of our favorite things to do.  And Snake seemed to like looking at me as I looked at the view…


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28 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday #14 — Viewing the Viewer”

  1. Great shot and a fantastic view. It’s the kind of view that gives you the sense that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it on top of the world.


  2. Brilliant use of the ‘shoot from above’ angle, really adds to the whole picture giving it a real context and I love how you left her dress red highlighting the bit of the view you enjoyed the most


  3. You are far braver than I. The 28th floor? No way you’d get me anywhere near that window. Really lovely picture. I love the color splash and the perspective.

  4. Absolutely beautiful picture, how your reflection pans out of view is definitely my favorite part of it. Gorgeous.

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