One Week In

THE GAME started last Wednesday. Just a simple one to start the year. Scrabble, and who doesn’t love Scrabble?

Snake. He hates it even though I think it’s the easiest one that I choose. There’s no random trivia and no one has to vote for his choice.

He’s chosen only jobs so he has received 3 tiles for each of the days he played. The laundry room shelves are looking much cleaner, he discovered how disgusting the top of a medicine cabinet can get and several other random chores.

And, honestly, he’s doing pretty well on constructing the sentence. He does have a plethora of I’s and that wonky Q but still a really good start to the game. He also can swap out tiles instead of taking new ones if he wants.

Of course, next week is looming with those 3 days that he won’t be in town to play…

He might win this one. I’m sure he’d rather have full O’s than ruined, but we’ll just have to see how it plays out. Or, for instance, if I decide to throw in a twist. I’d never do that. Right?

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