Game Results

As you might remember, we (I) had a game that started on January 11th. Nothing too complicated, but enough to jumpstart a little fun in the new year.

I was getting concerned even before he went out of town that he was getting really close to winning. He got a lot of the letters for our names quickly. I mean, yay, he was close to winning.

Then… the vowels started. And he went out of town for three days which meant he was out about nine tiles for the time period.

I was winning because lots of chores were getting done–and a few fun play tasks as well. But, that pesky sentence was so close.

Well, the game ended on Tuesday night. That photo shows how close he got to completing our names and the sentence. I was actually surprised that the C and the M were absent from all of his picks. (And no, I didn’t even steal any letters from the set!)

As you can see, not a C or M in the bunch. Which means, of course, that I win. I can hear Snake mumbling something about “Always,” and “Scrabble,” in my mind.

So what do I win? He has to have 14 ruined O’s in the month of February. That’s not all that bad, is it? It averages one every other day or it could go quickly if I manage to ruin two or three in a play session.

Either way, he wins. And I win.

Now, to come up with the next game…

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