S is for Simply Adventurous

When I went looking for November quotes, I found not one, but two that seemed to sum up my feelings about this month in this time of life.

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a time to say “no” to people,
places and things that drain
your energy.

As I’ve mentioned before, we are on a journey of simplifying our lives. Decluttering, getting rid of obligations that we don’t need, and generally just looking for more peace and less stress.

We’ve made room for the people and the things that make us happy and feel alive. We have a dance performance in a little over a week that we’ve been gathering costumes for and practicing like crazy. We have another one at the beginning of December with a completely different routine. It’s a lot, but it’s also fun and we love having time together.

On the other hand, the family member who never responds unless he need/wants something? He wasn’t thrilled that we didn’t drop everything to go see him when he was in town for a wedding and had a little extra time. It would have brought stress and resentment and it just wasn’t worth that.

The second quote?

“November: The last month of autumn, but the beginning of a new adventure; time to take a risk and do the unexpected.”


This is our other journey. We have been planning our next adventures and are excited about some upcoming trips. We have some home projects that we want to do too and, of course, some new games on the D/s side of our life.

So, that’s the Snake Den. Simplicity, peace, and adventure. It feels like a pretty good vision.

3 thoughts on “S is for Simply Adventurous”

  1. Funny — I read “No-vember” and just assumed that Snake would ask “can I have an orgasm?” and the answer would be “no” for the month. An amusing follow-up to Locktober.

    But I, myself, am on the verge of saying “no” to a number of fronts. Just stuff that I’ve been doing mainly because I’ve always been doing these things . . . but they’re really not bringing me any joy, and the time away from things that matter more (my family & job) are proving overly stressful.

    Here’s to a lovely No-vember

    1. Lol! Well, the game might make it no December. But I am all about cutting out the things that don’t bring joy. And yes! 🥂

  2. I like the “No-vember” and it feels like that’s what we have been doing too. There are people that have disappeared from our lives because we have stopped contacting them, and realized all contact always came from us. Now we’ve stopped, we don’t hear from them anymore. And, we only do what we have energy for, nothing more. So we say ‘no’ more than we have before.
    Good luck with your dance performance!

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