G is for Games

Well, I couldn’t very well put game play as my prompt and not play a game this month, right?

playing cards
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The trick is to make it challenging for him, fun for me, and have a wonderful reward for me. Because I do usually win….

I don’t think I’ve ever done a game with cards before so that seems like a fun idea. And we do enjoy playing the occasional video poker in Vegas so that could make it more interesting.

For the reward, if he wins, he gets two full O’s within the first week of December. No strings or ratios are needed for them. But, if I win, he has to wait until New Year’s to have his O, and then only if I get 75 or more in the month of December.

For the win, he needs to have a hand that beats my hand. That’s all. 5 card draw.

The challenging part will be that he needs to earn the cards while I start off with my 5 cards. <insert evil chuckle> Once he earns his 5 cards, he will be able to exchange one card per day if he has earned the card. He can only earn one per day max. And I can exchange one card per day if I choose to.

So, how can he earn cards? He can earn a card doing any of these tasks:

  • Writing a blog post for our site
  • Posting an approved picture of himself on Twitter
  • Any day with a minimum of 10 O’s for me
  • Planning date night with no ideas from me
  • An extra backrub
  • An extra chore that needs to be done around the house
  • Cooking an extra dinner during the week
  • A challenge that I post on Twitter–these won’t be daily

I’ll keep you posted on his progress… Any bets on if he’ll win?

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