S is for Sweat

It was the last day of Locktober and what was the perfect way to end the month of tasks?

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Snake had informed me that the last game with the edges had put his ratios way off for his O eligibility. He needs a certain number of edges as well as ruined to be eligible for one and there were SO many edges that, well, he wasn’t.

In all of my grand benevolence, I decided to help this situation along just a bit. His task was to let everyone know how many ruined O’s that I gave him on Halloween night.

And while it might not have been a personal record for me, it was probably pretty close. I had to warm him up with a few edges just to get things going so he started with three of those.

The main event? Five ruined O’s in a row. And while it didn’t really even put a dent in the off-kilter ratio, I had fun.

Snake? He was sweating just a wee bit.

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