E is for Elements

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a Scorpio while Snake is a Taurus. We are exact opposites and our elements are water and earth.

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Earth signs tend to be stable and reliable while also adapting and growing. Water signs? Not nearly as stable.

Like the water, we tend to have a lot going on under the surface that is invisible to most. We are also often in motion and changeable.

I tend to go through just about every emotion every day. Snake tends to stay much more in the midst of one or two. When we first started dating, I’m pretty sure that I drove him crazy.

Scorpios and Tauruses tend to either be like oil and water or a great match. I feel like we’re a pretty great match after all of these years.

He is the rock to my waves and I bring a bit of unpredictability to his more constancy. We balance each other well and I think that’s the best piece of being opposites. And fireworks. Those are fun too.

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5 Replies to “E is for Elements”

  1. I’m a water sign too, and what you describe above, is very much me. Funny thing, my husband is the same sign as me, but nothing above applies to him! Maybe that’s why we match so well 😉
    ~ Marie xox

  2. I am a Scorpio and my wife is Taurus.
    I have a lot going on underneath, but she is all over the place and I am her anchor. Married 36 years so and we get along very well.

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