A is for Apple Picking

She was excited for the weekend. Every year they planned a day to go to a local orchard and pick their own apples. Sure, the apples weren’t quite as perfect as the ones in the grocery store, but the experience was one of their traditions.

man on a tree holding apples
Photo by Nishant Aneja on Pexels.com

They had planned their trip in advance after checking out the harvest information on the websites. The weather hadn’t been great this year for produce, but the farm farther out was promising plenty of choices.

When they arrived on Saturday morning, everyone else in the area seemed to have the same idea. There were no carts or apple-picking poles left in the parking area so they grabbed a couple of bags that had been offered and went on their way.

The trees closest to the parking lot had been picked clean so they continued farther out. Soon they found themselves in an empty row and started looking. “There are some!” she called.

“You realize that we’d need a pole to get those, right? You know, the ones that we don’t have,” he laughed.

“Aren’t you tall enough to reach those?”

“I mean, I’m glad you appreciate my height, but I think I’d need another foot or so for that. Maybe I can just climb onto this low branch…” He put his foot on the bottom branch and tested it. “Seems like it will hold.” He disappeared into the foliage.

“Be careful!”

“Yes, Mom,” he replied, his voice muffled by the leaves. “I got them!” He jumped down from the branch and his foot slipped on a muddy patch of grass. He tried to catch himself, but he slid into her and they both went down in a jumble of limbs.

“I’m so sorry!” he started to say until he realized that she was laughing. Looking down, he saw twigs and leaves in her hair and he started laughing too. “I saved the apples, though.”

“My hero.” She leaned up to kiss him. “Have I mentioned how much I love our apple-picking weekends?”

“I think you might have. Do you think we could get away with a roll in the hay here? I don’t hear anyone around.”

“My word…I had no idea that apples made you so frisky. I’ll have to buy them more often.”

He kissed her as he pushed her dress up. “That works for me. Quickie?”

“What are you waiting for?” she asked as she unzipped his shorts.

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