Sometimes, it’s all about the music

I mean, can you really not respond to Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”? I don’t think it’s humanly possible. Some beats and lyrics just combine to be perfect in the moment and BOOM! There you have it.

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“Be right there,” you say from down the hall.

I didn’t even know something was happening, so I look up from whatever stupid game is on my phone and process. Did you just say you’d be right here? What in the world? I mean, just come in…



That’s not what you were saying. It’s one of those times when so much more than the words spoken is actually meant.

Allow me to translate “Be right there” from down the hall.

“It’s a good time to put that away, turn off the tv, make me a comfortable place to be. You might even want to arrange for certain… toys for me. On second thought, bring ALL the toys. Might as well bring it all, or as much as you can carry, because we both know that I don’t know what I want to really do, nor do I care, I just want options. Lots of options.

You should probably consider dropping the lights, getting the fireplace going, and just… chilling. Ya know?”

Then I hear you start the music.

And I see your leg in the door, swinging around, with these amazing black stockings, this garter belt…

…and the words come on in the music… “ooooohhhh…. FOXY LADY”

Rawr! Yes, yes, and more yes. I love it when life has a soundtrack, especially when it has to do with you, your entrances, and all that follows. I love our playlists…

Heck, right now, I’m thinking the term “Playlist” has been seriously under-used and thought through. I know several playlists of ours have a particular bend to them.

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