A is for Anniversary

Janine had been working long hours for weeks and had made sure her boss knew that she was going to be gone on the 17th for their anniversary. The plans had been made two months in advance and she reminded him at least twice a week.

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Which meant, of course, the day before she was to be gone, he told her that she had to be part of the conference call the next day. She reminded him about the time off he had granted, but he basically told her she could be there or be out of a job.

Ethan had been so disappointed when she came home with the news which just made it so much worse. They were supposed to go on a long weekend to the mountains and there just wouldn’t be enough time to get there and back without spending most of the time driving.

While she cooked dinner, she heard him on the phone trying to move the dates around. The project would be done in 3 weeks and she should be able to take back her life then.

“All set,” he said as he came into the kitchen. “Same room, same deal and we’ll just celebrate it a couple of weeks late. We’ll still have a great time.” He kissed the back of her neck.

The conference call the next day was long and tedious. By the time it was over, she’d completely forgotten that it was their anniversary. One of the admins stopped her on the way to her office to let her know that she had someone waiting for her inside. She inwardly groaned and then put on her game face.

She opened the door and stopped in shock. Her entire office was filled with balloons, or at least as far as she could see. She started to push them aside to get to her desk and realized that Ethan was standing in front of her. He had been completely covered by the balloons and she started to laugh.

“What in the world have you done? It looks like you bought every balloon in the city.”

“Not quite. But I tried my best. I know how disappointed you were that we had to postpone the trip and I wanted to make you smile. I love you and we can celebrate there or here as long as we’re together.”

As she got to her desk, she saw dinner complete with flowers set out. “I couldn’t bring champagne because it’s work, but that’s chilling at home. At least we can have our dinner out.”

She turned to give him a hug, and one of the balloons decided it had had enough and popped. They jumped and then realized they were both covered with the confetti that had been inside the balloon. Ethan had confetti in his hair, in his mouth and all over his clothes and he looked like he was a reject from a clown convention. She started laughing so hard that she couldn’t stand up.

He gathered up some from the floor and threw it at her. She stuck her tongue out at him and a stray piece landed on her tongue. It started the giggles all over again. When she finally stopped, she hugged him.

“This is possibly the best anniversary gift you’ve ever given me.”

He grinned. “Just wait what I have in store for act two.”

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