The Strangest, Sexiest Idiosyncracies – Singing Along

Sometimes, it’s all about the smallest things.

Those things that say when someone really has their guard down, is totally in the moment and completely… relaxed. Well, I don’t know about totally relaxed, but she does have a tell.

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A few times, it’s happened. She gets in this amazing rhythm of orgasms flowing through her. This incredible place where they can come quickly, frequently and more and more easily. There’s a sure sign though, that things are humming right along.

I mean, other than the obvious.

We’ll usually have music on. I know, it’ll come as a real shock, but one of the favorites is P!nk.

So what’s the tell? She’ll start mouthing, and then, sometimes, start singing, right along with the music. In between, of course (my that would be awkward if it was not “between” the highs), but I’ll see it – her body is in this almost altered place, brain off just being amazing, and there it is. She starts singing.

If you knew her, you’d realize how rare this is – it’s just not her normal place to be – singing out like that, particularly in THAT situation. It’s not like she’s singing at the top of her lungs, it’s just singing along, hearing the roar of the music and the roar of her body.

It’s one of my absolute favorite things in the world.

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