S is for Snowy

We are in Portland right now. It’s almost always rainy, but this time it’s been drier than usual. Still definitely chillier than Tucson, but the weather has been gorgeous.

One of the best parts of being in Portland is the view of Mount Hood. A lot of times it is covered by clouds–similar to Denali. You feel lucky if you get a completely clear view of it and you try to spy it through the trees as you drive through the city.

There are a few places where you get a breathtaking view of it as you come around a corner. It stands tall above the rest of the landscape and in the winter it is covered with snow.

And that’s right now. There’s something awe-inspiring about this massive mountain so far away that dominates the landscape. It is truly a treasure of the area.


3 Replies to “S is for Snowy”

  1. I’m loving all the sight seeing you two share with me. Portland is very rainy, but everything is so green!
    Oming from the semi desert plains of Southern Alberta, it’s a nice changes (I bet from Tucson too!)

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