Choosing My/Our 2022

I’ve been reading along with different people’s thoughts and ideas for 2022. Not necessarily resolutions, but just sort of setting the stage for how to approach the new year. I’m not sure why people do this at the end of the year (why not July 1?) or whatever, but here I am, doing the same, and feeling like it’s time for a different approach, right along with so many others.

I’m a motorcycle fan – I ride daily and whenever I can and may be a bit obsessed with learning everything possible about it. It’s just fun, different, and very “in the moment” when I’m riding.

When you’re riding, one of the things that is beaten into your head is “chin and eyes in the direction you want to go. Eyes up, more. Look further out, further ahead – Always more.”

I love the early-morning views of the mountains on the ride in. You just have to look for them…

Your tendency is to look down at the ground – to see where you are right now, not pay attention as much to what’s coming. It’s just a natural thing to be worried about the road under your feet at the moment. But of course, if you’re only seeing something that is just under the bike at that moment, you are past the point of being able to do anything about it. Better to be looking where you’re going – the bike will follow, like magic.

And it’s true. You look ahead going around corners, over obstacles, down hills. You look ahead at traffic and obstacles and plan ahead to pick your path, that’s where you’ll go, your bike will follow.

I think in 2022, I’d like to get back to following this advice in life in general. Eyes up, look where you want to go, watch for obstacles you can control well in advance, and plan around them as best you can, but always be looking forward, out as far as you can.

Stuff’s going to happen. But if it’s happening right now, I just have to take it as it comes and deal with it as best I can, all while keeping my eyes up and looking further ahead. I have to not get caught up in the politics, the grumpiness of some, the weirdness of others. Pay more, much more, attention to the road I (we) choose, to the goals we set, to the things we want on our path.

All the while looking for spots you can get moving, enjoy the ride, slow down for the sights, see what’s happening along the way.

So, I guess, for me, it’s more of a saying than a word – “Eyes up, look where you want to go…” That seems like a perfect way of taking on 2022.

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  1. I think looking ahead is so important and lots of us have forgotten about it or stopped doing it. I think when there is a loss of control over our lives like there has been in the world these past years we become reactive and make our world smaller so that we focus on what is right in front of us rather than looking so much to the bigger picture. I know that I am guilty of this too and can relate to that feeling that it is time to look up and look around and be a part of what could be rather than just what is. Great post and all the best with your new direction. The biking sounds fun too. It’s not something I have ever done but I can imagine the thrill and the sense of freedom and escape. Missy x

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