It’s Not Like It’s a Video Call…

I finally gave in. I’ve had enough. I bought one of those silly Mute buttons you see for online calls – where you push the button, you’re muted, no matter what software you have, it figures it out and even lights up to say “hey, nobody can hear you…” I’ve had my fill of online calls and video calls.

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I have a call in about 15 minutes and get a text from you as I’m psyching myself up for yet another needless call that could have been handled in a few sentences in an email. Gah!

The text? “You probably want to just make it an audio call…” you say. I don’t even know how you know there’s something coming up, but then remember you have access to my calendar.

“Have you been spying on me?” I text back.

“Just… do as I say, please,” you write.

Just as the call is about to start, you show up at my side door, let yourself in with a grin on your face. You walk over and close my main office door, locking it. Then you walk over to me, kiss me, and grab me, squeezing.

“OK, so this isn’t fair…” I say between your kisses. “Oh, you have no idea,”

“Pants off, cage off, now. And quickly, you only have a few minutes before your call starts. And you’ll want to situate yourself before it all gets fired up…. so to speak.” That look.

I do as I’m told and already, just the thought of you being there has me considering canceling the call for a “personal emergency.” You’ll not hear of it.

You kneel down in front of me, while I’m sitting in my chair, waiting for the call to begin and kiss me slowly, then taking me fully into your mouth. It’s obscenely amazing.

I feel myself shifting focus, feeling you on every centimeter of me.

“I… I … I have to start…” I gasp out.

“Oh, good,” you say. Licking your lips, you lean up and kiss me. I taste me on your lips and whimper a bit. “But here’s the deal. You have to keep stroking yourself on the call. You can go as fast or slow as you like, but you may not stop at any point. So, make good use of that mute button, and you might want to not be taking on any new responsibilities.”

My eyes are wide as saucers.

“I can’t do that.. I don’t know how..”

“Oh, yes. Yes, you can, and yes you do. So here’s the lube…” she squirts it on me, “And… start now please. I’ll be watching. ” She stands up, walks around, and plops down in a chair facing me, licking her fingers like she just ate the best fried chicken around.

“OK, so can everyone hear me” suddenly booms across my speakers.

“Now,” I see her mouth at me.

“Yes, yes I hear you, there’s a lot of, um, yard work going on here, so I’ll be on mute, but I know this is just a quick check-in anyway…” I say, trying to set the stage.

I press the mute button and you snicker.

“Yard work? That’s what’s you’re calling it now? Yard work?” and you burst out laughing. I can help but laugh along with you… while my hand slowly moves up and down my cock.

I feel flushed, I feel, well, distracted. But you lean in, just behind the camera, double-check the mute button and all you say is “a bit faster, a bit firmer, please.”

This is going to be the longest short online call in the history of mankind…

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