The Fantasy Quota

“Here you go…” she says, handing me a dice. The 4-sided die rattles around in my hand. I was just sitting here passing the time on one of our favorite shows and she walks in and hands me this.

“What’s up,” I ask. Not knowing if I really want to know. The answer on gaming stuff like this is usually some strange setup that puts me at a, well, disadvantage, to put it lightly.

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“That’s a die,” she says. “Four sides, pretty straight-forward.”

“Yeah, I get that. But…”

“You’re going to roll that, then we’re going to play a game. But first, I need a number between 1 and 5. ” OK. this is getting really complex, because I KNOW, I mean, I KNOW this will be some sort of multiplier.

“Um…4.” I have no idea if higher is better than lower or whatever is going on.

Then she hands me a standard die. “Roll this please.” I’m not sure what’s up with all of the dice, but I also know it’s silly to complain.

“You need to talk with me more. We’re going to remedy that,” she says. “Talk with you? I mean, we talk all the time, literally, and about just about anything!” I say, feeling like this is getting odder by the minute.

“Roll the standard die, now please.”

I roll a 4.

“OK, so now what,” I ask.

She’s writing it down. 4 on the original, 4 on the roll.

“One more,” she says. “This time the 6-sided please. ” I roll.


“I feel like I need to better understand your fantasies. And, since you really don’t like talking about them except in the heat of the moment, we’re going to go on a fantasy fest, for, let’s see, 6 days,” she says.


“You may not cum until this process is finished. Want to know what the numbers are for?” Of course I do. I nod.

“The initial 4 is the speed of the metronome. We’re going to be moving right along at a 4. That should be really interesting. The second 4 is the warm-up – I’ll be, er, helping you along for 4 minutes at that rate before you have to do the first thing. And, before you ask, ‘the first thing’ is telling me one suitable fantasy.

As long as you’re talking, I’ll keep going. When you’re done with that, I’ll pause for 60 seconds. Then we’ll start the next 4 minute period. You’ll have 4 of those. All at the same speed, and no full orgasms, and no stopping me, unless…”

“Unless,” I ask.

“Unless I decide to, of course, If you share some really juicy stuff, your reward might vary from ruined to full orgasm. Ya know, just because I can.” But keep in mind, you’ll still have to complete your four for the day. “

“What’s the 6? I don’t remember you mentioning anything about that,” I stupidly say.

“That’s the number of days we’ll be doing this. So you should probably be thinking through exactly what you’ll be sharing in those moments. Oh, and if it’s not “enough” by my standards, it won’t count, punishments will be awarded.”

“Enough,” I ask…. what could be “enough?”

“Yes, yes. No wimping out. I want real, options, ideas, and thoughts – things that you are interested in exploring, have liked, would like, would like to think about more – but if it’s not detailed enough, or simply surface stuff, you’ll be in for punishment for that item. So don’t let those pile-up. Believe me. “

“Let’s begin,” she says, turning toward me.

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