Short… to answer the question

She spins around, kissing me.

The show was great, we had a really nice dinner out, it’s been a great evening of just relaxing and taking in the sights.

She pulls my lip between her teeth and I hiss at the surprise, at the pinch. She holds it her mouth curling into a devious smile.

She releases me and I feel her hands on my neck. They move slowly up, her fingers spread out in my hair – as she cocks my head slightly and devours me, her hands holding my head steady.

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I’m purring inside, almost out loud, but somehow manage to keep it to myself. She is smiling, grinning, mischevious. Her hands still in my hair, she comes in again to kiss me, and stops just shy of my lips. I lean forward to kiss her and she pulls back just slightly.

Then I feel her hands and the grip on my head tighten.

She presses me down to the floor in front of her, kneeling.

Without saying a word, she puts one leg up, draped over my shoulder, pulls her dress over my head, and pulls me to her. Somehow she’s already removed her panties, I’m surprised, and yet, not really.

She presses my face to her, holding me there, controlling the pressure, the location…

I can hear her breath change. I feel her body adjusting, leaning more and more into me. I feel the slight shakes as they whisper through her body. I feel her around my hand, my fingers, contracting, grabbing at my touch.

All at once she presses my face into her just slightly more, holding me there as I feel her legs shake. I feel the orgasm blow through her and as she comes down, she leans down, resting on the top of my head, almost curling around me.

“mmmmm…. that was nice. What a nice start to the evening…” she says, grinning now at me.

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