M is for Maine

Well, last week was Massachusetts. We did a few days in New Hampshire and then headed to Maine. When this publishes we’ll be in Vermont and hoping to see some snow.

We spent a night in Kennebunkport and sat at the bar for 3 hours, drinking cider and watching the tide rise an incredible amount. Yes, we had dinner too! The view was amazing and the town was so quiet.

Then up the coast to Bar Harbor and Acadia. We’d never been there, but we must have found a great time to visit. People were saying that they couldn’t find a place to park in September and while the amenities were closed, it was fabulous! And plenty of good food and cider and wine to be had.

The afternoon and evening of that day was rainy and windy and felt perfect for visiting the coast in Maine. We actually drove most of the way around the park. Most of it is streets and roads of the various islands. Couldn’t visit the outer islands, but that just gives us a reason to come back, right? And we saw the lighthouse!

And yes, that is a dial gas pump. I don’t know the last time we saw one.

So, now Vermont. Keep your fingers crossed that we get some snow. That would be the perfect end to the trip.


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