R is for Red

He had come home from the farmer’s market with a bounty. All kinds of fruits and vegetables that looked amazing.

red strawberries on red textile
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They talked about making pies or cobblers with some of the fruit. Mark loved to bake and she loved to eat the product. It was a perfect match.

There were some perfect long-stemmed strawberries. He mentioned possibly dipping them in chocolate and having them with some Prosecco that was in the refrigerator. They had planned to have it one Saturday night, but they had gotten distracted.

While he was baking, she was looking at those strawberries. She realized how much fun it would be to play a little game by tying them to the ceiling with a string. She got busy and had them attached when he came out with the cobbler.

“What are you doing???” he asked.

“Just getting a game ready,” she grinned. “You should know better than to leave me to my own devices while you bake.”

“So, what’s the game?”

“Whichever one of us is the first to finish three strawberries wins. No hands.”

“What do I win?”

“Kinda cocky, aren’t you?”

“I have mad skills,” he laughed. “What do I win?”

“The ‘person’ who wins gets to choose what we do tonight.”

“Oh, that’s fun. I’m ready.”

“One last thing…you are going to be blindfolded while we play.”

“Wait…what? That’s not fair.”

“You said you have all of these skills–I want to see them.” She pulled out a blindfold and put it over his eyes. “There. All set.” She walked him over to the strings and stood next to him. “They are right in front of you. Ready, set, go!” She started on the first one while he was just trying to find one.

“I’m done with one,” she laughed and started on the second one.

“This isn’t fair!” He found one with his nose, but it bounced away and he was left with an empty mouth.

She finished her second one. “All is fair…” She took a big bite to finish the last one. “All done.” She pulled his blindfold off and smirked. “I know what I want to do tonight.”

“What?” he grumbled.

“I think you need a little practice with that mouth of yours…”

“Oh. Well, in that case, I guess I’ll take the loss as a win.”

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