C is for Change

There is nothing so stable as change.

Bob Dylan

Isn’t that the truth?

concrete road between trees
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Autumn is the season that we associate most with change. Yes, a new year is when resolutions are made, but leaves turning color and falling off the trees is the most visible sign of change.

Some changes are ones that we choose to make. They are a new relationship or haircut or a similar thing. They can be working towards something or moving away from a thing that no longer serves us.

Other changes are thrust on us (yes, I said thrust). They might be a worldwide pandemic or someone ending a friendship with you. We might not want the change, but it is there and we have to deal with it whether we want to or not.

Change is hard. Always. Even if we want the change to occur. The biggest mistake I think I ever make is trying to not change when I have to. Good or bad. Holding on to the status quo that no longer exists doesn’t serve me or anyone else in my life.

I think I’m better at this than I used to be. But, I’m a control freak by nature and when things are outside of my control, it doesn’t make me a happy person. I can let things go and move on after a bit of a dramatic moment or two with Snake. Most of the time. I can see him raising his eyebrows at me in my head.

So while I might not love change that isn’t of my own doing, I do try to remember that the leaves come back the following year. I do know that the changes that we go through make us the unique people we each are and that is really the most important thing.

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4 Replies to “C is for Change”

  1. Like you, I don’t like change, although when I see the need for a change, I can be on board quite quickly. But I prefer things to stay as they are. However, I love the change of seasons, and there’s a lesson to be learned from nature, which is why your last paragraph really speaks to me.
    ~ Marie xox

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