N is for November Prompt

Another month of writing ahead. November is the month of Scorpios–yes, I know some Sagittarians will disagree. I happen to be a Scorpio so it’s Scorpio season.

yellow and white smoke during night time
Photo by Rostislav Uzunov on Pexels.com

While everyone knows about the scorpion, another symbol of the sign is the Phoenix. Partly amusing since we live in Arizona (not Phoenix), but as much as I have a sting, I also tend to remake myself when necessary.

The prompt for the month is rebirth. You can take this any direction that you want or in any form that you like. Fiction, non-fiction, photos, poetry or whatever else you want to share.

I found a quote that really spoke to me about this topic.

“In order to rise
From its own ashes
A phoenix

Octavia E. Butler

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