K is for Key

It sat on the counter. Just a key on a keychain with no indication of what it opened. He picked it up and looked closely at it.

hand holding a key with a usb flash drive
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

She had to have left it for him. He knew he would have remembered it if he had seen it before. The question was, what did it open?

Vibration… He looked down at his phone and saw her message.

Did you find it?

He quickly typed back. The key? I don’t know what it opens.

He waited, but she didn’t respond. Had she received his message? Was she waiting for him to figure it out? It was time to go look for the lock that fit the key.

He looked around the kitchen, but nothing was around with a lock. Doing a quick walk around the living areas, he headed down the hall.

Nothing in the spare room, office or main bath. He stopped in the doorway of the master bedroom. There was a box on the bed that he had never seen before that definitely had a lock. “Hello?”

No response. Her car was in the garage, but she wasn’t in here either. Buzz. Did you find it?

I found a box. Do you want me to open it?

Again, she didn’t respond. Duh. Why else would she have left the key? He inserted the key and the lock clicked. Opening the box, he saw matches. WTF?

Matches? He quickly typed back to her.

I need a fire. It’s chilly out here.

Puzzled, he stared at his phone for a second. The fire pit…she was in the backyard. He opened the door to the patio and stopped. Not only was she in the yard, but she was naked and had a bottle of wine and two glasses waiting.

“Are you going to light my fire?” she asked with a smile.


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