R is for Real World

I have no idea what the real world is. Yes, we all have to deal with jobs and traffic and taxes and such, but I don’t know if that is really what the real world is about.

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And honestly? If it is, that’s a pretty sad thing in my opinion. The magic of books and vacations and fantasizing make the tedium livable.

Also, am I the real me in the real world? Absolutely, sometimes. When I am with people who I trust and who really know me, I am totally real.

But for the rest of the people who are minor players in my life, I don’t think they know the real me. And that’s OK. We all compartmentalize pieces of ourselves and are careful with what we share with the world.

I started looking for quotes before I wrote this and found this one that I really liked.

The more real you get the more unreal the world gets. 

John Lennon

I guess that seems to sum it up a bit for me. The world is crazy and so out of control. I think my real world is the world where I feel most like myself. It may not always be completely connected to the “outside world,” but it is real and true. And that’s what I think we all want in our life. The outside must be dealt with, but our inside life is our reality.

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2 Replies to “R is for Real World”

  1. I am right with you there. My world is where I can be the real me, where my reality is. I can easily do without the outside world, especially since it’s such a chaos out there.
    ~ Marie xox

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