Moonlight Picnic

As you pull in from a long day out working and just flat-out getting stuff done, you slowly walk to the door and fumble around with the key. I open it from the inside for you and hold my hand out – helping you across the threshold. “Well, hello, stranger… ” you say as you step in.

Just inside the door I have a blanket, folded up and on top of a big picnic basket.

“What’s this,” you ask, “are we going somewhere?”

moonlight on a dark sky
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“Yep,” I say. “A picnic!” I look at my watch and back at you, grinning. “You just have time to change into something comfy to wander about outside and we’ll head out. And yes, I realize it’s dark. And yes, I realize it’s late. But trust me. I know you haven’t eaten yet.”

There’s a long pause. I know, just know, that this could go either way. You could be all in, or you could tell me I’m nuts and just don’t want to go anywhere like that right now.

“OK. It’s… different. But do I get to know where we’re headed,” you ask?

“Nope. Just let me know when you’re ready and I’ve taken care of the rest.”

I grin, this big teenage boy grin, that just says all sorts of “heh, she’s gonna love the way this goes!”

We drive to our favorite (daytime) canyon spot to explore and park and walk to one of the areas where you can normally grab a bite to eat. It’s absolutely quiet out – except for the noise of nature. I set up the picnic and you’re just staring at me. I can tell you’re actively reconsidering this whole thing… but I quickly pop the cork on a bottle of our favorite wine and pour two glasses, spread the cheese out, and pull out small pillows.

“Pillows….” you ask. “Why pillows? I mean, besides the obvious…”

“Just look at it,” I say. “That full moon, crystal clear sky, a little cheese, a little wine, a little good food… what more is there?”

You grin and I see the day wash off you as you start to relax just a little.

“The pillows are to lay back on and just look at the moon, the stars, the sky. Out here, you can see it all, and no one will disturb us.”

We take in the night sky, sip the wine, eat the food and soon we’re past the easy stuff, and silence falls. It’s amazing. You can almost hear the stars inch across the sky. You lay down, with your head in my lap, taking it in.

“This. This is amazing,” you say. “C’mere you.” You pull me to you, kissing me softly at first, then not so softly. “Mmmm. mrphpph morad wfat hagser” I say as you devour me, pulling my lip between your teeth.

You burst out laughing. “I feel like I’m at the dentist, trying to have a conversation with the hygienist. What in the world did you just say?”

“I said, oh, I see the full moon really does have that effect on some people….”

You grin at me. THAT grin. “OH, you have NO idea. Yet. But you’re about to.”

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