I is for Impatience

When the temperatures start staying in the mid 80s and up, I start doing my daily check of the pool temperature.

Photo by Perfecto Capucine from Pexels.com

We have solar so it takes longer to heat up. I’ve been slowly watching the water temp go up a degree or two per day, but it’s still only in the 70s. Sigh.

I’m spending my Monday dreaming about pool time…and, you know, the play that comes with pool time. A couple of drinks, some skinny dipping and wait for the fireworks.


5 Replies to “I is for Impatience”

  1. Here in the North it is not uncommon to have snow in May. But currently we are on a warming trend. Knock on wood it continues.

    My Kitten lived in Phoenix until she moved here. She had a pool there. Oh it was a delight and is sorely missed.

  2. It’s 6 Celsius here (42 F). I’m very jealous of your pool, and would jump in at 70 easily 🙂
    While I love being Canadian, being from farther down South may have it’s perks!

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