H is for (the) Hunt

I hadn’t actually been planning a sequel, but I got several requests for a continuation so here it is. Part 1 is here.

You open the envelope and a piece of paper slides out. On it is a picture of a specific bottle of wine and the telltale lip kiss.

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The paper also says

Text me the picture when you have the item

You put on your helmet and head to the local liquor store. You find the right bottle, grab 3 just in case, and pay. When you get back to your motorcycle, you text me the picture.

The return message says “Look in the key compartment.” You open the compartment and find another note.

There’s a charcuterie board all packed up and waiting at our favorite local Italian place. Next clue is in the bag.

This is a dilemma. There are a couple of places this could be. You throw out one option because you’ve never seen that item on the menu. Taking a chance, you drive to your best guess.

You walk inside and say you are there for a pick-up, giving your name. “Ah, yes, be right back.” Whew. You got the right one on the first try. You take the bag and go back outside. You find the note inside the bag and open it.

Nicely done. Make sure you have ice to chill the wine, glasses and maybe an ice bucket? Text me the picture when all of the items have been obtained.

Thinking that you are really glad that you got the motorcycle that had lots of room, you head to the store to get some nice plastic glasses, a bucket for the ice and finally, the ice itself. You lay them all out on the seat and take a picture, hitting send.

A picture of a note comes back with the red lipstick mark again.

Good. Bring everything to this address. The front desk will give you a key to the room. And do be prompt.

You put the address in your GPS and smile. It’s one of our favorite local places. You park and get the key and a note from the front desk clerk.

Room 463. Make sure you have everything that you bought. And be ready to be “of service” to me today.

You grin. Being of service sounds like the perfect way to spent a Wednesday. As you enter the room, I am sitting on the balcony in a robe. I blow you a kiss while you put the wine on ice and the food in the small refrigerator.

“This was a nice surprise,” you say.

“I have to keep you guessing. Never know what tricks might be up my sleeve. But, now, it’s time for some serious O’s. For me.”


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