W is for Wax-lite

A couple of weeks ago we did some initial play with wax. We’d never really done much before and being who we are, it was just dipping a toe into the water.

We used an old shower curtain to keep it off the carpet because there are warnings abundant online about it destroying everything in its path. Some water to cool them down so I could switch colors and a spot to keep them off the table and we were off.

[Snake: these are purpose-built candles with specific wax for this type of play. These are NOT dinner candles. These have a much lower melting temp.]

The first set were skinny short taper candles. They were an assortment of red, blue and white. I liked the control of them and it made it really easy to do specific spots. As you can see from the pictures, in the spirit of careful slow start, I didn’t do a lot of heavy areas.

There were definite differences between high and low and different spots on his back. Even close, though, it was a quick surprise like an E-stim rather than a pain.

[Snake: a lot of this was the instant zing, like a zap or pin prick that came with no warning. It would connect, zap my brain, be gone and leave this warm feeling behind that USUALLY would subside really quickly. But feeling it accumulate was different, when she did that- the accumulation would start with the sting, start to subside, then sort of … bake. With every drop it got more and more intense.]

The red was fun and visible. The blue and white were so similar in color that it was hard to tell them apart. Then there was the strange red one that looked a bit like a…horn? Didn’t like that form factor at all. It was hard to control and it burned so slow that I was getting frustrated.

With as long as it took to just do those dots, I can’t imagine how long it would be to do some of the amazing art that I’ve seen online. I’m definitely up for the challenge in the future, though.

[Snake: it would be cool to experiment with higher quantities; I think it would hold the heat in a lot, and it would be odd to feel it dripping in quantity – running down off me. It plays weird tricks on your mind as the wax settles in. It’s almost like your head doesn’t know what to make of it. “Is it hot? Cold? Sharp? Electric?” — the answer is … “Kinda” – it’s really strange. I can’t imagine enough wax in play to drip and run and ooze, which sounds strange, but the sensations would seem very centering.]

Came off really easily with a towel and then a quick shower too. No marks, boo, but it was definitely a fun experiment.

[Snake: it’s really a mind-fuck – fire, the sensations that run from intense to less-so in seconds – it messes with your head a bit because it’s hard to zero in on what, exactly, you’re feeling. And the fact that a drop … and the next one … can be a long ways apart without any warning is crazy.]

And Snake has now been tasked with finding more….

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  1. Wax play can be so much fun, but definitely makes a mess. Whenever we did it, it seemed I found pieces of wax for weeks after, even though we always used an old sheet when doing it 😉
    ~ Marie

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