P is for Passion

Passion is one of those things that I am never in short supply of. Harnessing the passion for the odd thing does become an issue on a more regular basis than I like to admit.

Looking for a quote to base my post around, I knew that I wanted something that wasn’t about love. Yes, I am passionate about Snake and family, but I wanted something broader and more Charmer-like. I found this:

A life without passion and love is like slowly freezing to death.”

K. Bromberg

As Snake can attest, I am rarely without a current passion. I really should say passions.

I’m not a person who has hobbies. You know, those lovely little diversions that you pick up when you have a spare minute or two.

Oh, I do have diversions. They are never singular and they are rarely a spare minute here or there. They are the newest interest that is the coolest thing ever and I talk about it incessantly.

Photo by Mohan Reddy Atalu from Pexels.com

If only there weren’t more than one at a time. This is where Charmer becomes a bit chaotic. I have at least 5 or 6 current passions. Some of them are long term ones that I haven’t given up on. Scrapbooking is one of those. It’s my playing-with-paper-and-stickers-and-cutting-supplies-and-photos time. It’s like being in art class in elementary school.

Of course, you need fodder for scrapbooking. Enter newer passion: cleaning out boxes that have been shoved away for years so I didn’t have to make decisions on whether to keep or toss. You know…it’ll be easier to make a decision when it isn’t such a fresh memory. You might even call it procrastination.

The weird thing is, the boxes have to be having sex because I’m sure I didn’t store about 40 or more boxes of memorabilia to get through. Now me gets really angry at past me for passing it on. So, in order to do passion 1, scrapbooking, I have now become passionate about getting through these old boxes and sorting photos so that I can do the passion.

Let’s just say that we are donating a lot of stuff because once I started cleaning out the boxes, or starting to at least, I liked that there was less stuff there. So, closets and cabinets have become another one. Luckily, Snake enjoys how it looks with less–far from minimal–and feeds the passion with lots of oohs and ahhs and trips with boxes and bags of stuff.

Exciting passions, huh? I also have reading and cross-stitch and the yard project and dance.

Oh yeah. Snake. That’s the underlying passion. The private blog that we write for ideas to try or critiquing something that we did. The plans for the next time that we want to play. The things that we want to do together when the world calms down. The person who is my cheerleader for all of the other passions that are just me. My person.

So, passion is life. I wouldn’t live without a new one around the corner and the constant one by my side. Charmer won’t ever be freezing to death.

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5 Replies to “P is for Passion”

  1. I like that you call it passions, and not hobbies. You actually gave me an idea here. I still have my mom’s stuff stored, and haven’t been able to look in those boxes except once. Maybe I should start organizing all those old photos, and put them in albums or scrapbooks… and maybe I will come across my unfinished cross-stitch project and finally finish that too 😉
    ~ Marie

  2. I suppose reading could be considered a passion for me… Or “book”-ing. Lol. I have sooooo many books!

    Also, shoes. 😛

    I tried scrapbooking for a while but fell out of love with it. I got halfway through documenting a 2006 (!!!) road trip and then got distracted by something else and never went back to it. So somewhere (probably in the bottom of a box in a closet somewhere) I have a 15-yr-old scrapbooking project waiting to come out and play.


    I wonder about blogging… Is that a passion?

    I’ve done it for 10 years. I *like* doing it…

    But I don’t think I feel *passionate* about it.


    Or maybe I do and just don’t realize it. It makes me wonder though.

    A n y w a y

    What I really wanted to know was: what’s with the winterscape? Are you passionate about driving on snowy roads? Maybe I just missed the connection?

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