M is for Making Circles

I’ve written several posts about love songs that are special to Snake and me. The Rose was our first song, but there are always new ones that stick around for a while here or there.

The current song that makes me think of Snake is Making Circles by Christian Kane. He is mostly known as an actor from Angel and Leverage and The Librarians, but he also has a band.

Photo by asim alnamat from Pexels.com

The music is country/rock and this particular song is the latest one that we are using for a dance routine. I wanted to dance to it because it is so “marriage,” or long-term relationship.

Well our love story reads like a book of lies-
Good intentions, better alibis
No happy endings, no straight lines, no movin’ on,
But no goodbyes

There are so many times when things just aren’t smooth. It can be outside influences or just a bad stretch of road, but things are suddenly off. It’s never a straight path, but you keep going–no goodbye.

We both need to lead while we dance along
One more graceful spin on who’s right or wrong
The same old words, the same old song
Baby, we’re right where we belong

The fighting back and forth on who is right and going back over the same old stuff. But, we still know that we belong together so we keep going.

And you’d think that we would get enough
And know we’re gonna fuck it up,
We’re holding on, sinking down,
Here we go around and around…
Making circles

And we will fuck it up. But we hold on and we work and re-work and hold on. Sinking back down into our love and making a perfect circle back to the love and the good parts.

The choreography is twisty and hard. It is a waltz, it is fast and there are a lot of really intricate moves that always circle. It is perfect for the words–we have an amazing instructor.

Plus, I get to dance with my favorite partner and the person who I wouldn’t want to dance through this crazy world without him by my side.

6 Replies to “M is for Making Circles”

  1. I will have to look for that song.

    Waltzing, I can do. Even the cowboy waltz, shockingly. (Considering that the female partner spends the whole dance moving backward. Lol.)

    1. I spend the whole dance backwards or turning 🤣🤣🤣. Except for the parts where I’m in the air or on one leg

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