E is for Edgefield

And no, not that kind of edging…

Another of my favorite things is a winery/brewery/restaurant in Portland. It is part of a larger group named McMenamins that takes old places (totally fitting with my love of Gothic novels–not romance but creepy) and makes them over.

Edgefield was a county poor farm in the early 1900s. It fell into disrepair. The group purchased it and made it into this amazing place with all different little bars and restaurants and nooks and gardens. There is even a tiny Jerry Garcia themed bar.

They brew beer and cider as well as produce a few types of wine. You can also stay there overnight. It is one of probably 10 or so properties around the Portland and nearby areas, including an old school and an old roadhouse.

We’ve been to a few of them, but we always seem to gravitate back to Edgefield. The gardens and small tasting room seem to always be just what we are looking for. And we are part of their wine club so we can enjoy a bit of it at home as well.

Why is it one of my favorite things? Snake and I spent a wonderfully perfect afternoon and evening there. We flew in a day early to have a “date night” before visiting family and we wandered the gardens, watched the glass blower, had a wine tasting followed by a bottle of wine in the tasting room. It was hours of just talking and having the best time. Then we went on to the restaurant and dinner. It was just a wonderful relaxing day.

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