N is for Newlyweds

I wrote last week about the upcoming wedding and thought I’d do a brief update.

They got married! There were 11 people there and a photographer in a venue that would normally hold well over 100 but it was beautiful.

The weather was sunny and just a light breeze in spite of the threat of gusty winds. They walked down the aisle to a phone attached to a bluetooth speaker accompanied by their parents.

The ceremony was streamed live and over 60 people “attended” virtually and sent all of their love and good wishes for the couple.

The reception was the same number of people with take out Italian and mini bundt cakes. And then the couple drove off for a night at a local hotel with the requisite cans and writing on their car.

So too bad 2021… love won.

6 Replies to “N is for Newlyweds”

  1. Absolutely brilliant. So good to read it was a good day for them, and that people could “attend”. Yay for technology! And an even bigger YAY for love winning!
    ~ Marie xox

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