T is for Thunder

I have a mostly bad relationship with thunderstorms. This is new in the past 7 or 8 years because before that, I always loved watching the lightning dance across the sky.

Why the change? Our house has actually been hit by lightning twice. A third time if you count longer ago when the cable box in our front yard was hit and destroyed all of the electronics in the house through the line.

Photo by Lucas Cavalcante from Pexels.com

The first time it “really” hit I was here alone. The crack was so loud and immediately the smoke detector started going off. I grabbed my phone and headed across the street to call 911 followed quickly by Snake. They came and checked it out–luckily no fire. The strike had knocked out the alarm system which set off the detector. But, there was a lot of damage to electronics and a lot of terror.

The second time I wasn’t alone thankfully. We had been to a movie and were trying to figure out where to go for dinner. The storm didn’t feel that close, but then it was suddenly on top of us. This time it hit both the detached garage and the house on that same side. We could smell something burning, but it ended up just being the clothes dryer. Again, most of the electronics, the dryer, and the garage door opener along with the alarm system were gone.

It’s been several years since this happened, but I am still not happy when there is a lot of thunder and lightning that is close to the house.

At a distance? I love watching it. I love the low rumble of thunder at night when the storm is over the mountains and the quick flashes of light coming through the drapes. I love watching the storm bounce off the mountains as we drive home from dance. Watching it move around us while we were at a drive-in theatre over the summer was amazing.

What is so primal and fascinating about them?

Why do you like thunderstorms? Because it shows that even nature needs to scream sometimes.


And especially this year, maybe nature needs to scream a bit.

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5 Replies to “T is for Thunder”

  1. Oh my, I think I would’ve been afraid of them too having lived through that. That IS one thing I am afraid of, to get hit by lightning, but I love the sound of them, the raw fury of nature.
    ~ Marie

  2. When i was a teen my friends house had been hit by lightening twice – I thoguht it sooo strange and do find the flashes scary but also love the ways it looks
    May x

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