F is for Fore… and After… play

Foreplay is a weird beast… or can be. Is it a tease? A word or words? A personal video? A kiss or three or four.. more? Less? I’d say, for me/us, that’ a yes. I think it all starts with a suggestion, driven home to the receiver’s brain – to get them thinking, anticipating, playing with the idea that things are brewing, yet to come.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing, either. It could one one of THOSE kisses when you’re otherwise taking in the latest installment of that drama you like so much. Or it could be squeeze that you recognize as one of THOSE squeezes. Or a lingering kiss. Or a lingering kiss that ends with a nibble.

Photo by Hoang Loc from Pexels

It starts with that zap of recognition, energy and that thing that changes where your head is, what your brain is thinking about to the things that are yet to come – things to obsess about. That kiss is a weakness. You don’t even see it coming, then, there it is. A soft kiss that grows and grows, changing, intensifying. Every nerve fires and stands at attention. But then, a pause. “Oh, this a great comedienne! So funny. Let’s watch, yes?” as her hand settles innocently on me, less innocently rubbing from time to time.

It’s a tease.

That look.

A text message or series of messages.

A picture.

A rub.

A grab.


All of the above, or completely different things that become your own language.

It’s great to play with each other, sometimes for a long bit (it can last for days) and sometimes it’s a flash. But always, always sharpening that edge, that tension.

And it’s delicious.

And afterplay – afterplay depends on you, them. Afterplay re-affirms, saves the memory,, re-enforces all those chemicals and feelings and emotions. It’s when you get to collectively bask in the proverbial afterglow.

One of the things I love about that time is the laughing, smiling, being present 100%, and just… being. Watch your partner, enjoy them where they are in the moment too. It can be amazing to watch someone slowly come back from a great time like that. Grinning, joking maybe even flashing that look that suggests a round 2…

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  1. Love your post <3
    A lingering kiss that ends with a nibble is the best.
    But I especially loved your description, "A soft kiss that grows and grows, changing, intensifying. Every nerve fires and stands at attention." Yes please!

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