T is For Trick or Treat… Charmer Style

Of course it’s Halloween-time of year – things are finally cooling a tad, and all sorts of excuses for fun and games. Of course Charmer is always one to raise the stakes and have some fun with things, and this is no different.

I really believe that a big piece of her sado-erotic side is about mind games and physical overload. I’m not complaining, it’s hot as hell, but in the moment… well, that’s another story.

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She likes to have me pretty much dissolved into a pool of shaky-sweaty-messiness before she’ll even think about going any further with ruined or even actual O’s. This is no different. I can feel the waves of edging gone crazy for a bit now, I feel those waves of “you think you’re running, controlling this? HA!” flooding in.

Remember, today is different,” she says. “Yes, I remember,” I say between flashes of insanity. She grins that grin.

She takes me flying along once again – I’ve given up having any hope of trickery here, I’m just trying to stay somewhat able to go up and down the rushes – though even that is getting to be a challenge…

“sssstttttttaaaaaahhhhhhpppppp” I say quickly, waving her off in warning. “Oh, but that’s not it, now is it,” she says. I’m gasping for air.

“ooooooohhhh… fuuuuuuuck……” I mutter.


oh, you clearly are not paying attention,” she says, moving more quickly, squeezing harder, then softer… “That’s not EVEN what I instructed.

“Oh my god, woman. Fine! TRICK OR TREAT!” I whimper out.

She stops… “Very good. Thank you. Oh, and it’s TRICK. Too bad.

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