We Miss Traveling

Snake and I tend to take quite a few short trips each year. Several to visit family as well as one or two that are just for us to get time to reconnect.

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Our last trip was actually the very beginning of March this year. We went to Las Vegas to celebrate our anniversary a bit early. As I’ve written about before, it is one of our favorite places. It is less than an hour by air and we can go for a few days and just wander and eat and play.

It was a wonderful trip. I had no idea that it would be the last one for a while. We were supposed to be headed to Portland in April but that had to be canceled. We waited until the last possible minute to cancel because I didn’t want to face the fact that I would have to. Yes, I know–I knew that it wasn’t going to happen but I was hoping that if I ignored it long enough, it would go away.

Our next one is scheduled to Portland in July. Flights have changed three times already so of course it is uncertain as well.

I know in the grand scheme of the world right now, our trips aren’t that important. But. That family trip is really special to us and we miss it. I know even if we do go in July that things won’t be the same. Air travel hasn’t tended to be fun for a while and this will just add another layer of anxiety and stress.

I also owe him a trip to Disneyland to see Galaxy’s Edge. I went in November and he wants to go so badly. I know that probably won’t happen for a while either and it makes me sad that he hasn’t gotten to experience what I did.

Our next “big” holiday is in 2022. I’m hoping the world might be back to some state of normal by then since it is international. And on a cruise ship. We have reservations to go to South America and Antarctica for our anniversary. It’s a bucket list item and we are so excited. Cautiously optimistic and trying to believe. Penguins! And just so much that we want to do and see.

So, yes, we need a holiday when we can go. Travel is our great love and I hope to be with her again soon.

6 thoughts on “We Miss Traveling”

  1. Hi guys – lovely to see you charmer
    I remember when you went to Vegas – I read about it. I went once and it was a trip I will not forget in a hurry. At the moment I feel i need to go and holiday somewhere quiet as have been living in a major city too long over lockdown
    Stay safe
    May xx

  2. The world is such a different place at this moment, and I wonder when travel will actually start up again. I had a couple of trips planned for this year, but have decided to just postpone until 2021. I really hope your trip in 2022 will happen – it sounds brilliant. It was one of my mom’s dreams, to go to Antarctica.
    ~ Marie

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