Back(side) Rubs

There’s something about the touch. I can’t seem to get enough of it, no matter what the stress of the day has brought, or what other things are swirling around, taking that time to touch, massage, relax your muscles…

I love it.

I love the trust of it – the fact that you know you can relax into it. That you can just completely let go in the moment and chill.

I love feeling your body respond. I start with the tips of your toes, your foot, your heel. I take a lot of time here, it’s one of your favorite things, having a really in-depth foot massage. From there, I move up your leg – your ankle at first, then your calves. It take time to get your muscles to relax – I can feel the tension at first, but I can also feel it slowly go away, slowly relax. I can feel your muscles, the knots in them giving way to just a fully-relaxed feel.

I always know when you’ve been out and about, when you have had a long day – I can feel it in your body – and it’s so fun to chase it away. I start lightly, but by the time I’m moving on to the backs of your thighs, you calf is like a marshmallow.

Your thigh will always fight back. I can feel the muscles and other things inside your leg, pulling against me, pressing back. But I always prevail. First by moving slowly up your leg, then back down, then by massaging deeply, pushing, pulling. I can see your body starting to give in now, starting to relax, and we’re only almost finished with a single leg.

Next, I get to give you a comprehensive butt massage – helping even those muscles relax and stop fighting the massage. Here too I can feel the tension go away, feel your body let go, see it in the grin on your face.

But of course, that’s just one side. It’s time to move to the other side, the other leg, and then up your back…

5 thoughts on “Back(side) Rubs”

  1. Oh to have a massage like this, where time is not a factor, and which relaxes all those stressed muscles. I can feel the love in your words for doing this for Charmer 🙂
    ~ Marie

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