Dipping the Toe Back In….

Hey….Yes, I know. We’ve been absent. Life has been crazy here just like with everyone else in the world and we just needed some time to hide and try to figure out any sort of normal.

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Today marked the first day in 6 weeks that Snake went to work that didn’t include being in the spare room. Since we are mostly virtual and only two people are actually in the office–both of which worked from our house for 6 weeks–we figured that the risk is pretty minimal since most of the complex is still empty. And no one except us comes in or out.

So…yes. Six weeks of this introvert not introverting. They did their best and stayed in the back of the house and doors closed with phone calls and all of that. But, I’m used to the house to myself during the day–I’ve worked from here for as long as I can remember.

Add to that the fact that our business includes online services that suddenly EVERYONE needs YESTERDAY which meant that there was never a downtime. Weekends and nights and stress. Certainly not complaining about the business when I know so many other people are out of work but we ended up having to hire two new people the last two weeks just to keep a little sanity.

Suffice it to say that we haven’t had much time or space for play. And it really is a bit difficult to write this blog when someone might walk down the hall and see my computer which is directly in the middle of the family room.

So, this morning amid another work crisis, I gave Snake his high protocol coin. My signal that we are going to get back to some type of new normal. Don’t know how or exactly when but it will come back. Different probably but let’s face it….Charmer doesn’t do boring and consistent anyway.

You’ll see us back here in the blog starting this week too. Maybe not every day like before but we’ll get there. And I do have a few ideas percolating in this brain of mine. So take care of yourselves however you need to, stay healthy and have a little fun. That’s my plan….

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