Springtime by the Pool

Saturday morning arrives with sun and warmth. It’s still spring so the pool isn’t warm enough to swim, but it is warm enough to be outside in shorts.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels.com

You dig through the bathing suit drawer and pull out a bikini and hand it to me. “It’s not anywhere close to me going in that pool,” I raise my eyebrows and look at you.

“I know. But it is warm enough for a day in the cabana.”

“Cabana? We don’t have a cabana,” I laugh.

“Well, true. But there is a nice chaise lounge out there and a table and sun or shade depending on what you want. And maybe I can bring a bit of the cabana vibe to you.”

Intrigued, I put on my bikini and head out to the backyard. The two chaise lounge chairs were positioned so one was in the sun and the other was in the shade. A table was placed between them and there was a glass of water and a margarita sitting on the table. And a bowl of chips with salsa.

You follow me out to the pool and I realize that you are now naked. “Is there anything you might like?” you ask.

“Well, I did forget to put on sunscreen,” I say. You disappear back into the house and come out with the sunscreen. As I sit there, you make sure that I am adequately prepared for the sun. The sun and your hands feel wonderful on my skin.

You go inside to wash your hands and bring me out my Kindle. Handing it to me, you stand next to the chair. “I will await your next desire,” you say. Smirking, I open my Kindle and start reading, taking breaks for a sip of margarita or some chips.

I am impressed with how long you stand there patiently waiting. “I could really get used to this cabana boy persona,” I say. You smile and wait.

“I could use a refill,” and you have picked up my glass and headed towards the house before I have finished my sentence. You bring back another perfect margarita and I stretch out my legs. “I think I would like you to join me in a drink.”

“As you wish,” you say as you go back into the house to make another. You return and we silently sip while listening to the birds and enjoying the blue of the water.

“You know,” I say after a bit, “maybe you could sit between my legs. And, you know, have a snack.”

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