What to do on an empty ferry…..

We had planned some extra time for us at the end of our family trip. A three hour drive and we are in a seaside town. We check into the B&B and head to the ferry.

Photo by Matt Hardy on Pexels.com

The wind is blowing and it is really cold near the water. There’s no way we are going to stand outside like we had planned.

We head inside and realize that we are alone. Apparently the cold weather and holidays have kept other people away–at least for now.

The windows are up so it is warm enough to remove coats and scarves. As I take off the coat, you realize that I changed while you were getting the bags and now you can see the lingerie peeking out from under my shirt. Watching you look, I start to unbutton a couple of buttons, revealing more lace. And cleavage.

I can see you get hard immediately through your jeans. I pull you over to one of the seats near the window. There is a walkway outside where anyone could see if they happened to brave the cold today. I slowly unzip your pants, nod that you remembered that it was commando day and pull out your cock.

Immediately you blush, looking around. I start stroking you and you moan softly. It’s been a long week with no breaks and definitely no play time. Within a couple of minutes I have you right at the edge. And stop. Harumphing, you wait to see if I am done or if there is more.

I edge you again. And again. You are starting to drip. A lot. Smirking, I edge you again and you can see wheels turning. You are almost to the point of asking, but you know the rules. You remain silent, begging with your eyes.

One last edge. And just a little more. Pulling back quickly, I watch as you drip and drip and drip….What a nice ruined.

“We’re almost at our stop. I guess you’ll have to clean up later,” I say, buttoning up my blouse just one button.

Groaning, you tuck back in and zip up, hoping the coat will cover the giant wet spot on the front of your jeans.

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