A Dream So Real (Bawdy Bells 8)

It was one of those dreams that is so real, so … amazing. You just want it to go on forever. I can feel your hands on me. Feel your breath on my neck. Feel your grip on me.

I feel your hands roam my body, I feel your words roar through me, I see that grin on your face, that look in your eyes. It’s like you’re eating me alive, in every possible good way.

It’s one of those dreams though that you KNOW is a dream. But you’re so involved in it you will it forward, almost driving it, controlling where it’s going. That’s what I’m doing. I’m forcing my eyes shut, forcing my head and body to play out this dream, this… thing going on. I know, I KNOW, that when I open my eyes it’s over.

But I swear I can feel you, feel you devouring me.

My senses are on high alert, my body is reacting and responding and my head is swimming in sensations, in desire, in wanting more, so much more.

At last I reach that tipping point. That point where too much consciousness has crept into my head and the awareness starts to push out the dream. I finally have to admit that it’s a dream, that it’s time to get up, that I need to get moving for the day.

I finally let my eyes open slowly. So slowly. Not wanting it to end.

“Look, I knitted a scarf,” is all you say. And that grin. That amazing grin staring back at me…

I see you in the morning light. And almost audibly gasp.

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