Bawdy Bells 3 – Naughty or Nice… well, duh.

Meeting me at the door with the mistletoe held over your head and that grin – priceless. The fact that you’re dressed in a sleek black lacy bit of lingerie – just adds to the effect. I just about drop everything right there, but the door hasn’t even closed behind me.

I step inside, you keep that grin on your face as I lean in to kiss you and oblige the mistletoe. I mean, I want to live by the rules, don’t want to be on any list that prevents anything you have in mind.

As I do, you drop the mistletoe and pull me in to you, holding the sides of my face gently, but insistently, as you kiss and nibble on me. I moan a bit into your kiss, grinning at you, feeling you grin back at me as you hold the kiss and pull my lip between your teeth and open your eyes, locking them with mine.

You hold me there my head in your hands, your teeth on me. You hold perfectly still, uncomfortably so, stretching out the moment, before letting go of me, releasing me as you grab me over my jeans, knocking on the cage and grinning. “Good,” is all you say as you confirm the cage is in place.

You turn away from me, and bend at the waist… exaggerating… so very slowly, to pick up my stuff and hand it to me to carry in. I’m taking in every centimeter of you, every lacy bit, every curve, every… thing.

You wag your finger at me to follow you in this over the top suggestive gesture.

When we get to the kitchen, you trap me against the counter, pressing into me, kissing me more. You pull back from me a bit.

Tonight, I’m dinner. The other food will have to wait. As for you, it just depends on whether you’re naughty or nice. If nice, you’ll be a hurtin’ pup by the end of the night, just sayin’. So don’t screw it up.

Yes ma’am,” I croak out. Grinning, I pull you in closely and slowly run my hands over your body. You lean into me again, pressing up against me as you let my hands roam.

Naughty it is, then,” I say, as I pick you up and place you carefully on the counter.

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