Some fun words and images that caught our eye or imagination this week. Check them out!

Sexy Writing

Rush Hour by Kristin X A great story about a chance meeting (Twitter: @LascivityTweets)

Worth More than My Last Twenty by Brigit Delaney Great story with a twist at the end. (Twitter: @BrigitWrites)

Stories My Master Tells by ancilla_ksst – being really pushed in submission….

Male Speech Codes Strictly Enforced by Thomas Lavalle – Love reading about ideas for more (and less) strict D/s times. (Twitter: @thomas_lavalle)


Continuously on reset by Marie A. Rebelle So relatable! (Twitter: @RebelsNotes)

The problem with pink: on gendered baby clothes and the patriarchy by The Other Livvy Great thoughts! (Twitter: @theotherlivvy)

But What Am I? by J. Lynn Great post about being differently similar.(Twitter: @RantingsofaNM)

I’m Just A Geeky Dominant by Tall, Dark and Dominant Absolutely love reading about other Disney geeks! (Twitter: @darkanddominant)

Sexy Images

-02.11.19_17:38- by Dok Urtybitz . The picture goes so well with the words. (Twitter: @DokUrtybitz)

Hoolio’s Story #MasturbationMonday by Victoria Blisse Several great images in here tell a great story. (Twitter: @victoriablisse)

NYC Boutique Critique by No Pants Endurance. Made me laugh–great commentary. (Twitter: @nopantsenduran2)

Darkness inside me #sinfulsunday by lovedyoualongtime Such a beautiful dreamy shot. (Twitter: @The_Other_me_9)

Top SteeledSnake Post of the Week

Edge for me by Charmer

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