The Secret Life of…Charmer

There are good secrets and bad. The ones that excite you and you don’t want to spoil and the ones that you know are wrong.

I’ve been pretty fortunate in not being a party to a lot of the bad sorts. There have been one or two and I’m not good at keeping them. I know myself and I usually feel like light is much better than hiding in the shadows.

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The other kind of secrets, the fun ones, are my favorites. I love surprising Snake with all sorts of things. He’ll get a notification of a book that I bought him or grapes from the store or me walking out dressed in something unexpected.

I’m not as good at being the one surprised. I love getting presents and getting pampered, but don’t jump out at me or subject me to people singing to me in public. Don’t plan a surprise getaway and expect me to be able to relax when I’m worrying about whether this or that was left at home.

Maybe those don’t qualify as secrets per se, but I tend to be pretty open and don’t hold a lot of secrets. I get asked quite often if I mind answering a question about some aspect of our life and I rarely say no. The only secret that I probably ever have regretted, and I’m not even sure that I can honestly say that I do, is sharing my identity with a couple of people who ended up not being worthy of my trust. But, I also know that I would do it again because it is me. I share and trust more openly than I should at times.

I’ve written before that Charmer is really me. Not all of me–no, I don’t tend to go to the grocery store dressed in the Sinful Sunday outfits–but a huge component of my personality. Although, I might get better service looking for items in the store if I did….

To me, the sharing of our “secret” life, which realistically isn’t all that secret if people are looking, is more a case of discretion than secrecy. It doesn’t affect them at all so there’s no point in sharing what happened last night.

That said, we don’t lie either. If someone asks a direct question, they will probably get an answer. It might not be the whole truth, but it will be a truth.

So, as boring as it sounds? The secret life of Charmer is probably more the daily routine. You’ve seen most of the rest.

5 thoughts on “The Secret Life of…Charmer”

  1. I love surprising others, especially pet! I love gifts and pampering too but definitely not the surprise part. Maybe it’s a control thing?? It sends my anxiety sky-high and the effects on others is not all pleasant.

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