I KNEW it was out of character!

I stretch and bat at my phone, trying to turn off the ringer. It won’t stop making noise as I push all the buttons and end up taking groggy nasty selfies and screenshots and more. It’s so frustrating that it’s funny and you’re laughing at me from under the covers next to me.

I roll back over and you whisper in my ear “unlock.”

Don’t have to tell me twice. I have it off in a flash. I was fighting the cage as we awoke just to start – now I’m at full attention. “That base ring isn’t going anywhere, sorry,” I whisper.

You grab me and within minutes, you’re stroking and teasing me. My head has run from groggy “what the hell is going on with the alarm!?” to “omigod that feels incredible” – I’m gasping for air, grabbing the headboard and holding on for dear life.

You scoot down under the covers, taking me in, teasing me more. Some how, some way, without my uttering a word, you know just when to stop, just how to get me just there to the edge. You wait only a few seconds, then come back at it, holding me there in this almost perpetual near-orgasm-but-not-quite.

It feels amazing. I know I won’t be able to last long like this. Your hand travels up and down me, your mouth follows it down, then pulls back and I feel that incredible urge to cum.

“….cccccccaaaannnn I.. ” comes out of my mouth from nowhere… I can’t even make it out, let alone you understanding it. But you do. Your head pops out from under the covers, you grin at me, then sink down on me. In one slow movement, you take me inside you, squeezing, riding me.

“Yes, of course you can cum.” is all you say.

The alarm goes off, my phone vibrating, the music playing – I cuss to myself. I roll over and bat at it – trying to find the right buttons to push. I’m groggy. Not thinking straight.

And my cage is doing its best to hold on tight. To control me. I feel my cock pulsing inside the cage, feel my heartbeat against the metal of the cage.

I plop backwards in bed when I finally get the alarm off, all in a huff.

You roll over, “Good morning… what’s wrong?” you ask.

“You,” I say. “I just knew it was not possible, but there you were. It was so out of character. I should have known better, even if I was dreaming. GAH!!!!”

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